Storage solutions for rentals

There’s probably never been an occasion where a resident sat back and thought, ‘Wait, I’ve got too much storage!’. But in rental properties the issue of storage can be particularly challenging. 

Not only are renters limited by the storage and cupboard space provided, common storage solutions like fixed shelving and hooks require the permission of the property owner. 

So, how can you find some nifty ways to increase your storage without impacting the look of a property, or more importantly, without affecting the return of your bond? 

Here are five savvy storage solutions for rental properties… 

Befriend the basket 

Whether it’s a well-placed basket in a corner, or one that slots neatly into a cube storage display, baskets and cube-style boxes hide all manner of storage sins. 

From children’s toys to clutter that can’t quite be categorised, they offer a neat alternative to having all your items in the open and on display. 

This type of storage can also double as a great way to store nick-nacks and those odds and ends that take up too much space, but you can’t yet bear to part with.   

What lies beneath… 

Regardless of whether you rent or own a property, there are spaces that naturally lend themselves to storage. The art is in keeping that area looking tidy and neat. 

Beneath beds is a natural space to store items, as are vacant areas beneath stairs. The key here is to look for boxes and furniture that make those spaces look orchestrated rather than a muddle of mislaid items. 

Top tips include dedicated underbed storage options for beneath beds, storage boxes and a whole lot more options that keep the space organised yet discreet. 

Dual purpose furniture 

From coffee tables that double as storage chests to tiny ottomans with lids, there are a wealth of furniture options that actually double as incredibly practical storage solutions. 

As a bonus, these items often serve highly useful seating and furniture purposes beyond the fact they can physically store some goods. 

The art of upcycling 

Chances are if you’re living in a rental property, you may not be inclined to invest in dedicated furniture to suit a space and solve your storage quandary. 

That’s where upcycling comes into its own. A good bookshelf that is repainted and decked out in baskets and boxes, or laden with folded towels can quickly solve some simple storage issues. 

Oh, so satisfying shelving 

On that note shelving is the ultimate storage solution to many a cluttered rental woe. 

If you can, invest in shelving, bookshelves or cabinets that accommodate all your extra items such as towels, trinkets, memorabilia and toys. 

This might include storage shelves for the garage, a neat, yet temporary set of shelves in the bathroom or a cube display in your children’s room. 

The sweetest part of this deal is at the end of any rental agreement, you can take your storage solution with you. 

And as we mentioned, regardless of whether you rent or own, few people have ever endured a sleepless night due to the fact they had too much storage. 

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