Six tips for a successful routine inspection

When it comes to renting a property, few rental occupiers look forward to the prospect of the routine inspections.

That said, they are an important part of the rental process to ensure the property remains in good condition in the interests of both the occupiers and the owners of the investment.

So let’s look at six tips that renters can use to ensure a successful routine inspection.

The purpose of an inspection

Routine inspections are a key part of the rental process for a number of reasons.


  • Ensure the property is being looked after
  • Identify any maintenance issues that need to be dealt with
  • Check for any damage to the home
  • Ensure the property is safe to reside in
  •  Allow the rental occupier to share any concerns or issues they have about the property
  • Make sure the people who live there are those listed on the rental agreement

Often there’s a common misconception that rental inspections are all about ‘checking up on the occupier’ but that’s not actually the case.

It’s all about ensuring the property remains in tip top condition while pre-empting any minor maintenance problems that might become bigger issues.

And here are six tips to make that inspection successful and stress-free.

A little cleaning

A routine inspection is not designed to test the occupier’s cleaning skills, but rather make sure there is no damage to the property, while also looking for any maintenance that might need to be undertaken.

When it comes to cleaning for an inspection, ensure you’ve given the house a good clean, and the property manager can easily gain access to all areas of the home.

As part of that cleaning, the bathrooms and kitchens should be tidy, while ceiling fans should also have been dusted.

On the ceiling fan note, regular cleaning ensures they do not build up a layer of dust, which then becomes damp in humid and wet weather, causing the fan to rust.

Also turn your attention to your walls, removing any marks or grime that may have accumulated, and do take the opportunity to give your oven and windows a clean.

Some garden maintenance

If the rental property has a garden, this should be tidy and tended to. The lawn should be mown, and the property should be weed-free.

Is there any damage?

One of the key things property managers are looking for during a rental inspection is damage to the property, but of course sometimes accidents happen.

If the property has been accidentally damaged, notify the property manager when this occurs and have the issue fixed as soon as possible.

Secure your pets

If pets are permitted at the property, secure them in advance of the routine inspection. This especially applies to dogs who might become overly excited or see a property manager’s visit as a threat.

Wear and tear

There’s a big difference between damage to a property and general wear and tear. The latter might include minor scuffs to walls, worn carpet or just the general aging of areas around the home.

Outside it might include lifting deck planks, and aging gate hinges.

As the property manager inspects the home, these are all items you might wish to bring to their attention as they may be things the property owner would like to tend to now or in the future.

Any maintenance issues?

Finally, a routine inspection is a great time to raise any maintenance issues with the property manager. This might include things that no longer work or issues that you’ve begun to notice around the home.

As we’ve mentioned a routine inspection is designed to look after the interests of the occupier, the owner and the property, so tell your property manager about or show them any issues that are likely to develop into major problems down the track.

How we can help

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