Six things that make your renters’ lives easier

There’s no disputing the value of good rental occupiers. They provide peace of mind for an investment property owner, allowing you to be comfortably assured your property is in good hands, the rent will be paid on time, and nothing is being left to chance.

But in return, are there features you could offer or additions you could make to the property as a gesture of goodwill, to increase their likelihood of staying and, in the process, invest in the liveability and appeal of your hard-earned investment?

Here are six things every investment property owner can do to make their renters’ lives easier…

Window furnishings

Window furnishings help reduce heat loss and heat gain in a property and they are a relatively affordable feature to install or upgrade.

Often window furnishings are also among the first things to age in a property, quickly dating it or making it seem a little tired.

If your property does not have window furnishings, consider installing them, and if they do, ask yourself do they need an update?

Not only can they make your current renters’ lives easier, contemporary window furnishings also make a property easier to rent if it becomes vacant.

Climate control

Climate control has the potential to make a house a home, offering a warm haven in winter and a cool retreat in summer.

It can also be a major drawcard for a rental property in cool and warm climates, and it’s an important feature to consider as a rental owner.

Climate control can take many forms including reverse cycle air-conditioning, insulation, draught-proofing, central heating and/or fans, and each or all can be a prudent investment when it comes to retaining great rental occupiers.

If the property has existing climate control, could it be improved by better insulation or a system upgrade? Would fans be a beneficial addition, or could the existing heating or cooling system be more environmentally friendly?

When you add or upgrade the climate control at a property you are investing in the comfort of your rental occupiers.

Energy efficiency

On that note, with electricity costs rising, energy efficiency is emerging as a major drawcard for rental occupiers, so it could be worth considering how energy efficient your property is and whether it could be improved to help your rental occupiers minimise their monthly costs.

There are some excellent and affordable ways to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of a property, which you can read about here.

Outdoor extras

While attention often focuses on the interior of a rental property, there is ample opportunity to make the exterior more inviting and more enjoyable for renters.

Some easy-to-implement ideas include; fencing, decking, a paved outdoor area, shade coverings like a patio or shade sails, and easy to maintain gardens.


Whether it’s a garden shed, shelving or additional cupboards, extra storage can be a game-changer for rental occupiers, particularly when it comes to older homes.

Ask your property manager, would your investment benefit from more storage and if so, work with them to provide some creative storage solutions throughout the home.

General maintenance

Finally, general maintenance and timely repairs go a long way to ensuring your renters’ lives are trouble-free.

Regular routine maintenance and tending to any issues that arise quickly ensures the rental occupiers you have feel valued and respected.

It also helps maintain the value of your property asset, and we have some hints on what should regularly be maintained here.

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