Renting with four-legged flatmates

Pets can bring a whole lot of joy into our lives and over recent years rental laws have shifted to reflect the fact many Australians count four-legged and furry friends among their family members.

But having a pet in a rental property comes with responsibilities, so here’s a quick guide to the dos and don’ts of renting with four legged flatmates.

New laws

Over the past couple of years, many states have brought in new rental laws that make it easier to rent a property with a four-legged friend in tow.

That said, it’s not guaranteed that every property is suited to pets or that every pet is suited to being in a rental property.

So here are our top tips to assist…

Permission is always required

Regardless of what the law says, the property owner has the right to know that a pet will be residing in their investment.

That means, if you’re applying for a property and already have a pet, it will need to be included on your application form.

Meanwhile, if you’re living in a rental and hope to get a pet, you will need to seek written permission.

It’s important to note, if you do keep a pet at a rental property without the permission of the owner/manager, it is considered a significant breach of the rental agreement.

Special conditions

If your pet is approved to reside at the property, it should be reflected in the rental agreement.

The property owner and manager may also attach special conditions such as whether the pet is to be outside only or if pest treatment or carpet cleaning will be required at the end of the rental agreement.

Pet friendly rentals

Some properties are better suited to specific pets than others, so when you’re on the hunt for a rental property, ensure you consider the needs of your four-legged friend.

That means assessing things like fencing which might be required to keep an outside dog safe, or considering whether your pet might damage the floor of a rental property if the animal is to reside inside.

Or what if your pet suffers separation anxiety and barks in your absence?

All these factors are worth considering when it comes to finding the right rental to suit the needs of every member of your family.

Pet references

Finally, if you’ve had a pet in a rental before, it’s a great idea to get a reference. 

This helps when you’re applying for any future properties, as it can set the owner and property manager’s mind at ease as to the animal’s behaviour and suitability.

How we can help

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