July 14, 2021

The little things that can cost a rental occupier their bond

At the end of any rental agreement, an occupier is required to return the property to the owner in the same condition that they found it, minus any fair wear and tear.

Providing they meet this condition and all rent is up to date, the occupier will receive their bond back in full.

But like most things in life, it’s the little things that add up when it comes ensuring the rental property is up to par.

So, let’s look at the little things that can cost a rental occupier part of their bond…

Dirty fans and filters

As you go about your exit clean, don’t forget to refer to the entry condition report you signed at the commencement of the rental agreement.

In that document, you will likely see that air conditioning filters and ceiling fans need to be clean and working.

These two often get overlooked by rental occupiers, so be sure to double check you’ve met this condition before you hand back the keys.

Ovens and stovetops

Both ovens and stovetops will likely need some extra attention before you exit a rental property. Take the time to clean both thoroughly.

If you don’t, the property manager will likely call you back to the home to complete the task, and if you can’t, they will deduct a cleaning fee from your bond.

Lightbulb replacements

Believe it or not, missing or expired lightbulbs are one of the most common reasons a rental occupier might have a small amount of money deducted from their bond.

Again, it comes down to leaving the property in the condition that you found it. So, prior to departure, turn on the lights and ensure all lightbulbs that were working when you arrived are working when you leave.

It doesn’t cost much to replace a lightbulb but it can sure save you a lot of hassle at the end of an rental agreement.

Fly wires and windows

Windows need to be clean and insect screens should be in working order and free from any rips or holes.

If the fly-wires have suffered damage due to a pet or perhaps they’ve come free from their frame, fix it prior to departure.

Meanwhile, pay careful attention as you clean the windows, and be sure to remove cobwebs from insect screens, along with dirt from window and door tracks.

Wall marks and hook holes

As part of a rental exit, all walls should be wiped over and cleaned to remove any scuff marks or dirt, and it’s the same with skirting boards, and the interior of cupboards.

Our suggestion is to go from room to room, progressively cleaning walls, cupboards and skirtings as you go.

Once that’s complete, look at the property with a critical eye. There might be some marks that need a little extra elbow grease to return the wall to its original condition.

Adhesive hooks

If by chance you’ve added temporary adhesive hooks to the property, these will need to be removed along with their adhesive.

When removing these, do so carefully, so you don’t damage the wall or door they are affixed to. Meanwhile, adhesive residue can be removed with eucalyptus oil, which can then be wiped off.

Garden rubbish

If a property includes a garden, this too will need to be returned in a similar state to which you found it.

That includes filling in any garden holes that were made by pets and removing garden rubbish.

The final word

As we mentioned, it’s the little things that add up when it comes to cleaning a rental property to ensure you get your full bond back.

As a word to the wise, it’s always a good idea to start cleaning well in advance of your exit date, and cross check each room against the entry condition report to ensure you are returning the property in a similar condition to when you arrived.

You can find more information on getting your bond back here.

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