August 19, 2021

Before you move in – a renter checklist

So, your rental application has been approved and a date has been set to move in. Now, that’s something to celebrate. But before you can kick back and enjoy your new rental property, there are a few things you need to tick off the to-do list first.

With that in mind, here’s a renter checklist of five things you need to do before you move in…

Bond and rent

That rental application you filled in is only the start of the paperwork story when it comes to renting a property.

Once you’ve been notified that your application has been successful, you will then need to nominate a rental agreement start date, negotiate the length of the rental term (usually six or 12 months), and organise your bond.

Usually equating to the value of four week’s rent, a rental bond is a sum of money held in trust to cover any damage to the property or pay for any outstanding rent when the rental agreement ends.

Your property manager will also ask you to come in personally and sign the rental agreement, or perhaps sign it digitally.

This is the document that formalises who the property is being rented to, for what price and any other conditions involved in the agreement, such as pets permitted.

Make sure you read this rental agreement carefully and understand exactly what you are committing to because this is a legal document upheld by tenancy law.


Under most rental agreements, the rental occupier is responsible for paying for utilities, such as telephone and internet, electricity, and gas.

That means you need to organise your account and any required connections so they commence the day you move into the rental property.

In some cases, a property which has been vacant for a time may have had their services disconnected.

So, it always pays to touch base with your intended electricity, gas and telephone supplier well in advance of your move-in day, to ensure services are switched on by the time your walk through the door.  

Key handover and lease start

On the day your rental agreement commences, you will be invited to attend your property manager’s office to pick up and sign for the sets of keys that you require for the property.

Once these are in your possession, the property is officially in your care.

Make sure you take note of exactly what keys you have been provided, as these will all need to be returned when the rental agreement ends and you move out.

Entry condition report

At the outset of a rental agreement, your property manager will provide you with a very important document known as the entry condition report.

This report details the condition of every room of the property and its exterior. You should go through this document carefully, comparing it to what you see at the property when you enter.

Make your own notes, take photographs for reference and sign the document to indicate you agree with what’s been noted.

It then needs to be returned to your property manager within a set period.

This report serves as a frame of reference when it comes time for you to leave. Basically, an agent will refer to it in order to give you your bond back, and there’s an expectation that you will leave the property in exactly the condition you found it, barring any fair wear and tear.

Moving day

Moving day is a pretty exciting occasion, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind as you ready to make the property your own. When it comes to lifting and shifting furniture, take any precautions required to ensure you don’t accidentally damage the property.

Meanwhile, there are on occasions tiny teething problems when you first move into a property, whether it’s light switches that don’t work, television reception problems, or remote controls for the property that you cannot locate.

If something’s not working as you feel it should, get in touch with your property manager to have it sorted as soon as possible.

How we can help

Our experienced property managers pride themselves on establishing great relationships with both rental occupiers and owners.

We manage every property as if it were our own and you can learn more about our property management services here.

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