Keeping your rental cool this summer

Summer’s fast approaching, and for many of us there’s a sense of anticipation about the relaxed vibe, balmy days and outdoor living of the period ahead.

But, as we all know, Australian summers can be hot, and if your home’s not prepared, it can quickly become uncomfortable. So, let’s look at how to prepare your rental for summer.

The aim of the game   

Preparing a property for summer is all about reducing the heat of the sun and maximising the ways you can keep a property cool.

That makes things like ventilation, shade and temperature control the key priorities.

As a renter, you don’t exactly have the ability to alter the structure of the home to achieve this, but the good news is there are steps you can take to keep that property cool, and they don’t need to break the bank.


Heat transfer from the outside of the home to the interior is one of the biggest reasons Australian homes get hot over summer, and combatting this is all about adding shade in the right areas.

Look around the exterior of your rental and see if there are opportunities to add shaded areas via outdoor plants or portable outdoor umbrellas.

These work particularly well in living or entertaining areas, which can be a refuge on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Window coverings

On this note, windows play a critical role in keeping a property cool. Undertake a quick audit of the property and consider which windows are most likely to bear the full brunt of the sun during a summer’s day.

These windows might require coverings in the form of blinds or curtains that help you manage how much sunlight comes in during the day.

If they do have existing window coverings, use them to best effect by closing the curtains or blinds to block out the sun.

Temperature control

With any luck, the home will have some form of temperature control, whether that’s an air-conditioner or ceiling fans.

If the property does have an air-conditioner, ensure the filters are clean prior to summer. When you’re using that air-conditioner, close off other sections of the house so you’re not cooling unnecessary parts of the home and driving up your electricity costs.


If there are ceiling fans, the blades will need to be clean and dust free, and the fans may need to be set to the ‘summer setting’ which pushes cool air down.

Meanwhile, if there are neither fans nor air-conditioning available at the property, it might be time to invest in portable options.

Natural ventilation

A property’s natural ventilation and position can also be harnessed to keep a home cool over summer.

Try to create airflow through the home by opening doors and windows which allow for a cross breeze.

Used alongside strategies like window coverings and exterior shade, this can lower the temperature inside the property.

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