How to secure a great rental reference

When it comes to renting properties, one of the most valuable assets you can have is a great rental reference.

Usually provided by a previous property manager, this reference is a key piece of information that will be sought when you apply to rent another property.

So, what exactly is a great rental reference, how do you ensure you get one, and what do you do if one can’t be provided because you’ve never rented before?

A great rental reference

Property managers seek out a rental reference to determine what type of rental occupier you are.

They’re looking to ensure you pay your rent on time, can look after a property and are a person of good character.

This reference is sought during the application phase for any rental property as part of a series of checks and balances that are designed to ensure the right occupier is selected to rent the property.

In addition to the rental reference, property managers will also conduct database checks, ascertain your employment, undertake an identity check and also ask for some personal referees.

And securing that rental reference is a pretty simple process. The property manager at the new rental will simply ask for the details of the previous property manager/s and give them a call.

How you can ensure you have a good one

Ensuring you have a great rental reference is relatively easy as well.

It involves keeping a clean rental history, where you pay your rent on time, alert the property manager of any repairs required at the property and ensure the residence remains in good order.

It also involves leaving the property in a similar condition to when you found it, other than any fair wear and tear.

In other words, you return the property to the property manager in a similar state to when you arrived.

Along the way, you’ve probably established a working relationship with your previous property manager and if this has been smooth and mutually respectful, that will also stand you in good stead.

Why a good reference matters?

In a tight rental market, a good rental history and great rental references can be the deciding factor which might see one rental applicant selected over another.

A great rental reference indicates the property will be in safe hands and the rental occupier will meet all the obligations throughout the duration of the rental agreement.

What if you’ve never rented before?

While a great rental reference can be a key asset, the reality is, if you’re a first-time renter, there’s no previous history or rental reference to call upon.

In this instance, personal references can assist. These references are provided by someone you have known for a substantial period who can indicate you have the character traits required of a good renter.

They’ll speak to your ability to pay the rent on time, look after the property, and generally be the type of person who property owners feel comfortable entrusting their greatest financial asset to.

How we can help

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