How to revamp your rental

It’s only natural that you’ll want to add your own flair to a rental property, regardless of how long you intend to call that location home.

But often the challenge lies in decorating the property in a way that doesn’t damage or permanently alter it. After all, it’s a condition of renting that any permanent alterations must have written permission from the owner. If not, there’s a chance you might lose your bond.

There are however some nifty, reversible and affordable ways you can put your own stamp on a rental home. So, here’s a quick guide to revamping your rental, without losing your bond.

Cupboard handles

Kitchen looking a little tired? Is the bathroom a little lacklustre? One easy way to give these areas a lift is by replacing the cupboard and drawer handles.

Available at hardware stores, cupboard and drawer handles are easy to attach using just a screwdriver, but just ensure you opt for something a similar size that doesn’t require extra screw holes to attach it.

Light fittings

Light fittings are another easy way to add your own sense of personal style. Say for example, there’s a tired 1970s ceiling light in the lounge. Chances are it can easily be replaced with something more contemporary by removing the globe and swapping out the existing light shade.

Again, you’ll need to ensure you’re opting for a similar fitting prior to undertaking this task.

But if it turns out those light fittings can’t really be changed as they’re fluorescent, down lighting or track lighting that doesn’t lend itself to a simple swap, go for lamps that you dot about the home to create a warm ambience.

Blinds and curtains

Those lacy drapes in the lounge room not really doing it for you? Well the good news is this is one of the easiest areas to update in a rental, simply by purchasing and hanging your own curtains or blinds.

The art here lies in finding curtains and blinds which can be swapped out without altering any of the curtain rails or fixings.

Rugs and flooring

Floors tend to take a bit of a beating in rental properties and like anything they can look tired and dated. This is where rugs come in and they can hide all manner of flooring faux pas and sins.

As a bonus, you can take them with you when you leave.

Those little extras

In addition to big-ticket items like lights, rugs and curtains which can really alter a property’s tone, there’s also a wealth of room for little extras that embrace your personal sense of style.

These include indoor plants, well positioned artwork, neat storage solutions and so much more. All of which allow you to make a rental property your home.

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