How to make your rental low-maintenance

One of the major attractions of renting a property is that it can offer a low-maintenance lifestyle.

The repairs and maintenance remain the responsibility of the property owner, while the rental occupier enjoys the right to reside there in peace and privacy.

But what makes a property low-maintenance and how can rental owners ensure their property fits the bill?

The benefits of a low-maintenance rental property

A low-maintenance rental property is one that’s easy to look after.

Fixtures and fittings are able to withstand a normal amount of wear and tear, the garden does not require a lot of tending to and still the property remains appealing and in good condition.

Low maintenance has benefits for both rental owners and occupiers. The property maintains its value without a lot of work, does not require a lot of effort from either party, and has minimal repair and maintenance issues.

With that in mind, here’s a quick list of items that help make your rental property low-maintenance.

Hard wearing fixtures

The little things all add up to make a property low-maintenance, and inside the home this includes fixtures and fittings.

Rather than ornate lighting, kitchen drawer handles and bathroom fittings that are in vogue, opt for timeless hard-wearing options that aren’t likely to break or deteriorate quickly.

This might include choosing stainless steel kitchen fittings and drawer handles, or it could include lights that are easy to clean and can be readily accessed to change the globes.

Long lasting, wash and wear paint

Even the interior paint you use can work towards making your property low-maintenance. If you’re repainting the property, consider investing in a neutral toned, long-lasting paint which allows marks and scuffs to be wiped off.

In the bathrooms and wet areas, this paint should also include anti-mould properties.

A good quality wash and wear paint lengthens the time period between repainting your property and also helps minimise any wear and tear.      


Flooring is another element to consider when embracing a low-maintenance rental. If you are purchasing or renovating with renters in mind, opt for good quality, hard wearing flooring options.

This might include quality carpet in a stain resistant colour and style, or tiles and hardwood floors that aren’t prone to dents, scratches and damage.

The garden

The garden is where rental owners should particularly focus their attention when it comes to creating a low-maintenance property.

Consider how much time each week the garden needs and how you can minimise tasks like pruning, weeding and lawn mowing, while still offering a property with privacy and appeal.

If possible, that might mean avoiding features like hedges which require a lot of time and care.

Meanwhile, tress which overhang the property should also be avoided or cut back.

If the garden is large, lush or a major feature of the property, it might then be worth considering providing lawn and garden maintenance within the rental agreement.

Gutter guards

It’s also important to note the role less obvious that some features play in the maintenance of a property, such as gutters.

In heavily treed areas, gutters can quickly accumulate leaf matter and debris, which leaves them prone to blockage, overflow and breakage, while also making them a risk for bushfire ember attack.

In this instance you can opt to have the gutters cleaned once or twice a year, or invest in gutter guards that help keep the gutters clear of debris.

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