How to make your rental eco-friendly

With the cost of living rising and the environment weighing on many people’s minds, eco-friendly features are something many rental occupiers seek.

But what exactly is an eco-friendly rental property and how can you create one?

What is an eco-friendly property?

An eco-friendly property is one that minimises its environmental footprint, whether that’s through reduced electricity consumption, the use of renewable energy, sustainable building materials, or minimal water consumption.

For rental occupiers, residing in an eco-friendly rental can offer a series of benefits, including reduced electricity and water costs.

It also provides peace of mind that the way they live has minimal impact on the environment.

For rental owners, creating an eco-friendly property allows your home to stand out from the crowd, potentially making it more attractive to a larger pool of prospective renters, while allowing you to take positive action for the planet.

And the reality is, when it comes to creating an eco-friendly rental property, even the little things can add up.

So, let’s examine some affordable and easy ways to make your rental more eco-friendly.

Install insulation

Quality insulation helps maintain the internal temperature of a home, which results in a reduction in heating and cooling costs.

That means insulation is a great addition, along with any other measures that help minimise draughts.

In fact, even small additions like window furnishings act to insulate a property, reducing heat loss and heat gain through panes of glass.

Consider solar panels

Solar panels have become pretty commonplace on Australian homes in recent years.

While most panels are fitted to properties that are owner-occupied, they also have the potential to be a real asset for a rental property.

Solar panels reduce electricity costs for the rental occupier and in some areas even have the potential to earn an income for the owner when they feed power back into the grid.

Get water wise

There are a raft of measures you can take to minimise the water consumption of a rental property and together, they reduce a property’s environmental footprint.

This includes installing water tanks where possible, fitting low or dual-flush toilets, or installing water-wise taps, faucets and showerheads.  

The little things

As we’ve mentioned, often creating an eco-friendly property is about small things that add up to create a big impact.

This even includes the garden where rental owners could provide a compost bin, use native plants that require less maintenance and water, or install water-wise irrigation.

Some handy tips

Chances are as the property’s owner you know the home and the suburbs surrounding your property pretty well.

That might mean you have some useful tips to share when it comes to eco-friendly products that are suited to your appliances or local services a rental occupier can access to reduce their environmental footprint.

Perhaps you’d like to include these in a handy little information kit that welcomes rental occupiers to your home.

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