How to make a great first rental impression

Whether it’s your first time renting or you’ve been there before and done that, every successful rental application starts with a great first impression.

After all, it’s a bit like a job interview where the successful candidate will be tasked with looking after a major financial asset.

So, how can you make a great first impression from the outset?

It starts at hello

Any successful rental application starts by establishing a good relationship between you, the property manager and the rental owner.

This begins long before you file an application and occurs at the first point of contact you have with the property manager.

Chances are, this first point of contact is when you’re arranging an appointment to inspect the rental home. This interaction should be polite, professional and indicate your willingness to start the rental relationship on the right foot.

The rental inspection

The rental inspection is an opportunity for you to see whether this is a home that suits your needs and also introduce yourself to the property manager.

Their role involves working out who’s the right person to look after the home, so it pays to put your best foot forward by offering a little insight into who you are, what you’re after and also what you bring to the table.

If this is a property that meets your needs, let them know. Speak with them about the conditions and tell them why you might be the right candidate.

Even if you’re not the successful applicant, they may have other properties on their books. Alternatively, you might be just the person they’re after and already you’ve taken the first step towards creating a great working relationship.

The rental application

The rental application process is your opportunity to shine. But it all begins by completing that application in full.

Ensure you fill in all the details, have the required information and referees, and don’t leave anything to chance by overlooking simple questions.

Any property manager can only assess an application that is completed in full, so take the time to furnish them with the information required, including:

  • 100 points of ID
  • Previous rental history (or equivalent)
  • Your employment information
  • Proof of your ability to pay the rent
  • A little insight into who you are
  • Pet references or information (if applicable)

The importance of making a good first impression

Like any working relationship, the one you forge from the outset with a property manager is critical.

After all, their job is to assess multiple applications and put the best candidate forward to the property owner.

And, if you’re the successful applicant, this is a working relationship that could last months or even years, so it’s best to start it on the right foot with open communication, honesty and a clear understanding of what all parties bring to the table.

How we can help

Our experienced property managers pride themselves on establishing great relationships with both rental occupiers and owners.

We manage every property as if it were our own and you can learn more about our property management services here.

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