December 1, 2021

Four property tips for Christmas

As fun and festive as Christmas is, it’s also a prime time for mishaps around the home, including greater fire risk, along with increased incidents of theft and break-ins, and personal injury.

So regardless of whether you are a homeowner, rental owner or rental occupier, here are four safety and security tips for you and your property this Christmas.

Watch those DIY projects

Whether it’s stringing up the Christmas lights or undertaking a quick DIY project in your time off, Christmas comes with the increased risk of personal injury.

According to statistics, falls are the most common type of injury over Christmas, while cuts come in second. There are also numerous injuries each year associated with electric Christmas lights.

The key takeaway here is exercise caution, assess the risks in advance and call in the experts for big jobs that might be a little beyond your scope.

Meanwhile, summer also comes with an increased drowning risk. For those residing in homes with pools, that makes now the time to cast a critical eye over your pool area and ensure it remains safe and compliant.

Going away?

If you’re heading out of town over Christmas, it pays to appreciate that the festive season has a less happy reputation for increased break-ins and theft.

Regardless of whether you’re a renter or homeowner, that means you should take whatever steps possible to avoid becoming a target.

Top tips include:

  • Tidying your yard, so it does not appear like no-one’s home
  • Putting your mail on hold
  • Concealing your valuables
  • Setting timers for lights
  • Keeping your travel plans off social media

Lights and candles

Sadly, Christmas also brings an increased risk of house fires due to both Christmas lights and candles.

NSW Fire and Rescue has some great tips on mitigating these risks, but key points include:

  • Ensuring all Christmas lights meet Australian standards and check them for wear and faults
  • Do not overload power points and power boards
  • Decorative lights can get hot, so keep them away from flammable items
  • Watch children around candles and extinguish them when you’re not in the room
  • Check your barbecue is in safe working order prior to use

 Check your insurance

In the knowledge there are various increased property risks over the Christmas period, now is the time to check your insurance.

For homeowners, this insurance should cover contents and building. For rental owners, landlord and contents insurance is a must, and rental occupiers should ensure they have contents insurance that covers their possessions.

How we can help

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