Five things rental owners should be proactive about

When you own a rental property, it’s an investment in your financial future. It is also an asset that yields an income over time, and, with the right property manager, managing that rental should be as hassle-free as possible.

That said, there are some proactive measures you can take to keep your rental property in tip top condition in order to maximise its yield, prevent unnecessary repairs, and protect its value.

Here are five things a rental owner should be proactive about…


If your property features mature trees or large shrubs, it pays to have these tended to as often as once a year.

This is especially the case if large trees overhang your property and have the potential to drop leaves or branches, or if you have shrubs that grow quickly and can get out of hand.

Trees and shrubs should also be trimmed so they do not touch your property and provide a pathway for pests, or if they are aging and have the potential to fall.

If any of these sound familiar, it’s worth getting in a gardening team in once or twice a year to trim things back and keep them orderly.


Gutters play an important role in the maintenance of your property. If they become blocked due to leaves or debris, they can cause water to back up and infiltrate your home.

In areas where trees overhang and rainfall is high, you should have your gutters cleaned about twice a year. For other properties an annual check and clean is recommended.

It’s important to remember, even if gutters are clear of debris, they can deteriorate over time, forming rust spots or causing drips.

Pool maintenance

If your property has a pool, maintenance of the pool, its fencing and all signage is critical. Depending on which state the property is located in, this might include an annual check for compliance.

Regardless, it’s in your interests to ensure any pool fencing is up to par, gates self-close and the swimming pool remains in good condition, including pumps, timers, chlorinators, pipes and also the structure of the pool itself.

Smoke alarms

Although the rules can vary from state to state, as a general guide all rental properties must be fitted with an appropriate number of compliant smoke alarms.

In most states these also need to be checked once a year. The rental owner is responsible for annual checks and ensuring the smoke alarm is working and compliant at the beginning of each rental agreement.

Depending on whether the system is battery powered or hard-wired the rental occupier may then be responsible for ensuring it is fitted with batteries.

A good property manager will make you aware of your rental owner responsibilities when it comes to smoke alarm compliance.

Pest control

They might be called ‘pests’ but creepy crawlies can cause very real damage to your property, particularly if the home is located in an area prone to termites.

That’s why it’s recommended that rental owners have pest inspections and control undertaken on a regular basis.

Speak to your property manager

A professional property manager will work with you to ensure all these routine tasks are undertaken at your property when required. 

They will advise you on any applicable laws and make suggestions about maintenance which they believe you should regularly conduct.

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