Five quick ways to spruce up your rental

Whether you’re readying to rent out your property for the first time, or it’s between rental agreements and you’re looking to give it a refresh, there are a series of minor improvements you can give a property to make it extra appealing.

These needn’t involve a major investment, but simply give the home a fresh, clean and modern look that’s likely to attract a greater pool of prospective occupiers.

Here are five quick ways to spruce up your rental…

A top-to-bottom clean

It goes without saying that a property needs to be clean before a new rental agreement begins, but there’s a difference between a property being tidy and a full top-to-bottom clean.

The latter involves everything from washing curtains to cleaning blinds, wiping down walls with sugar soap, and water blasting the exterior of the property.

In fact, it’s amazing the difference a full waterblast can make to a property’s exterior especially if it includes fascias, eaves, windows, outdoor paving, decking, concrete and screen doors.

Paint touch-ups

Every now and then a rental property will require a fresh coat of paint, but in-between minor touch-ups can make a real difference.

Take a look around the home’s interior and exterior, looking for knocks, marks, and general wear and tear.

These can easily be fixed and given a new lease on life with a quick touch-up using paint that matches the existing walls.

Oh and pro tip, if you can’t find a paint that entirely matches, but do have one that is close, paint the whole wall or try to blend it.

New light fittings

Out of fashion or dated light fittings can really age a property, so look up and see if it might be time to give those shades and fittings an update.

This DIY task is quick and easy to undertake, and, with the right fitting, is also relatively inexpensive.

New blinds or curtains

Curtains and blinds are also fixtures that will need replacing every now and then in a rental and they’re a great way to give the property a bit of a new lease on life.

Between rental agreements, it’s a good idea to consider the age and condition of your window coverings, and update them if they’re old, tired, dated or worn.

Garden attention

A general tidy around the garden can also help to spruce up your rental. This might include some mulch on the garden, a trim of any overhanging trees, some pruning of shrubs and a good mow of the lawn.

Together, this gives a property great street appeal, but it can also serve to help lessen the maintenance that rental occupiers will need to undertake when living there.

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