March 24, 2022

Decorating tips for renters

It’s only natural you want the property where you live to feel like home, but when you’re renting there are some limitations to what you can do.

Painting is off the cards, reconfiguring walls is definitely not an option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give a property a sense of your own style with these savvy interior decorating tips that we’ve compiled for renters.


Whether it’s bare bulbs or a dated lampshade, some lighting is not to everyone’s taste.

A great way to give a room a fresh look is by switching out the lighting by purchasing some affordable alternatives and swapping them with the originals.

If you are considering swapping the original lighting for something more to your taste, just make sure you can do so without damaging what was there.

And be sure to keep the actual light shades that came with the property aside. When it comes time to leave these will need to be reinstated.

Window finishes

Lace curtains not your style? Or do the sheer drapes in the bedroom afford little privacy?

Curtains are another affordable and easy way to add a little styling to a room, and better yet they’re yours to keep when you leave.

Again, keep aside the originals so you can put them back up when the rental agreement ends.

Floor coverings

There are a whole host of reasons to embrace rugs in any property – they help minimise the echoes of hard flooring, add a little warmth and can also lift the look of a carpet that’s seen better days.

Again, a rug requires little investment, and it’s something you can take with you when you go.


Artworks help add life and personality to a property and you have a couple of options when it comes to hanging your art in a rental.

You can use existing hooks, seek written permission to add more, or look to alternatives like adhesive hooks that can be removed when you leave.

Meanwhile, there’s more than one way to display artwork – you can position it on dressers, buffets and shelves, or even lean it against a wall.

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings such as cushions and throws help tie a room together, and in a rental they offer the opportunity to really let your personality shine.

Cushions and throws are also a great way to incorporate existing colours into a theme that’s more to your liking, and better yet, they help create a truly luxe feel.

Cabinet handles

In the kitchen and bathroom cabinet handles are often the element that really dates a room. The good news is these are also easy and affordable to temporarily replace.

Simply find a handle or knob that’s the same size as what’s there, swap it for the existing one, and voila, you’ve helped lift the look of the room.


Temporary storage is a great way to keep a rental property decluttered, and it can also act as a space to display some of your personal items.

Great options include cube shelving, coffee tables that double as storage boxes, and nifty ottomans that you can sit on and store things within.  

Beautiful bedding and towels

This one’s real estate gospel when it comes to styling properties for sale…if you’re looking to lift the look of a tired bedroom, invest in beautiful bedding and cushions.

If it’s the bathroom that needs some love, turn your attention to nice matching towels.


Indoor plants and flowers (fake or real) add a sense of life and colour to any room. They can also hide unsightly areas.

A quick tip

To really give your rental a coherent theme, decide on a look that complements the property and accessorise to this theme.

That means your curtains, rugs, cushions and throws might tie into the theme of your lighting to provide the property with a styled and welcoming look.

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