February 6, 2020

What your agent does at an open home

An open home is the opportunity to showcase your property to potential buyers and it’s a critical step in the selling process involving some hard work on behalf of your agent.

But, chances are, after all the cleaning and preparation, you won’t be actually there to witness what exactly goes on when your home is open to buyers.

So, here’s a quick insight into what your agent does at an open home.


In the hours prior to an open home, your agent will arrange for signage to be positioned outside your property and perhaps on your street corner.

This signage is designed to alert the public when an open home will take place, and is also there to help guide prospective buyers to the correct address.


Shortly before the open home, your agent will arrive. You don’t have to be present at this point, and can provide keys to the agent in advance so they can let themselves in.

Your agent will have documentation with them when they arrive. This will likely include a marketing brochure that offers an overview of the property, which open home attendees can take away with them.

They will also have extra information, which you might have provided, like a floor plan, or pest and building report, and the relevant documentation for a prospective buyers should they wish to make an offer then and there.

In addition, the agent will have paperwork for prospective buyers to register their details and interest. This allows the agent to follow up with inspection attendees in the days afterwards.

During the open home

When the open home commences your agent will welcome prospective buyers to the property and make themselves available to answer any questions they may have.

The agent will point out any features of the property which are likely to pique a buyer’s interest and encourage attendees to register their details.

The agent has an important yet subtle role at this point. They are there as your representative, yet are also helping buyers depending on the level and type of assistance a buyer indicates they need.

Basically, they are subtly gauging the buyer’s interest in the property and their response to it, while facilitating the sales process.

After the open home

After the open home, the agent will touch base with you about how many people attended, what their response was to the property and whether there were any serious prospective buyers among those who viewed your home.

Their role doesn’t end there. In the days following, an agent will then liaise with serious buyers to gain a better insight into their current stage of the buying journey and their intentions when it comes to your property

For an agent, open homes are pivotal to the role they play. It’s the place where they gauge interest, seek feedback, identify potential buyers and truly facilitate the buying process.