April 24, 2019

What To Look For In A Real Estate Agent

Selling your home or investment property is an important decision.

Your property is probably your biggest asset and you will want the best agent to make the sale.

Here are some tips for choosing the right agent for you.

The three key factors for choosing a real estate agent are trust, local knowledge and track record.

Here are some ways to determine whether your potential agent measures up.

Can I trust you?

This is the first hurdle for any new agent. The best ways to determine trustworthiness are by meeting with the agent and speaking with other sellers who have listed with them. Here is your checklist for trustworthiness. You will want the agent to be all of these things: – ethical and professional – friendly and approachable – reliable, organised and punctual – confident and knowledgeable – reputable – a skilled negotiator.

Do you have local knowledge?

You want your property to be sold efficiently and for the best price. To help achieve this, your agent needs to know the area and understand what buyers want. They should be able to answer these questions:

  • what are buyers in this area looking for in a property?
  • what is the current mood amongst buyers in this area?
  • where are the schools, shops, the local amenities?
  • how long is the commute to the nearest city centre?

Remember, your agent may deal with buyers who are new to your area and want to know whether and how your property is a good fit for them.

What is your track record?

Do your research on the agent and check these points:  how does the agency present itself online? Similarly, check local paper listings.

  • what are other properties in the area they are offering for sale?
  • are there other similar or comparable properties to yours?
  • how many comparable properties have they sold in the last two years?

For how long were they on the market?

If the sales price is close to the listing price that is usually a good sign that the agent understands the market. Compare these stats with others in the area. Test your agent The three best ways to test your potential agents are:

  • ask them to appraise your property. But your final decision should not turn upon which agent provides the highest appraisal. No one wants the sale process to be unnecessarily lengthy because of an inflated asking price
  • attend open houses or auctions for other properties in your area and check how the agent deals with buyers
  • Would you buy from them? – speak with others who are selling or have sold with the agent

If you’re looking to sell your property ask your local Eview Group real estate agent for a market appraisal.