February 11, 2021

What to look for in a low-maintenance property

Whether you’re downsizing or a busy professional, ‘low-maintenance’ is likely to be among the key attributes you’re looking for in your next property purchase.

But what exactly is low-maintenance and what sort of features does it involve?

Here’s a quick guide for what to look for when it comes to a low-maintenance property, and why it pays to consider your lifestyle and exactly how you’ll use the home.

The low-maintenance lifestyle

With the baby boomer generation nearing or in retirement, low-maintenance has been a bit of a catch-cry of late.

But it’s not just downsizers seeking the low-maintenance lifestyle, young couples and busy professionals are also on the lookout for properties that are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance.

But what features help create a low-maintenance property, and if you’re looking for something a little more simple, what should you seek without compromising on quality and liveability?

Smart use of space

Low-maintenance properties tend to have a smaller footprint than a traditional family home, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the useability of that space.

Instead look for smart uses of available areas, including guest rooms or wings that you can close off when they’re not required, decent storage, and multipurpose areas, like home offices which convert to guest accommodation.

Easy-care garden

An easy-care garden is one of the big-ticket items of the low-maintenance lifestyle, so look for properties with either a small yard that requires minimal mowing or gardening, or alternatives to a garden.

These might include outdoor entertaining areas with potted plants, courtyards, or properties where you overlook a communal garden and greenery but do not need to tend to it yourself.

Lock-up and leave

If travel is a major component of your low-maintenance lifestyle, then a property which you can readily lock and leave is a must.

That means you should keep an eye out for features like security systems, smart lighting which you can set to a timer, lockable car accommodation and even automated irrigation that allows your plants or garden to be watered while you’re away.

Shared facilities

A great way of retaining access to all the features you love about your lifestyle is to look for properties or communities which offer them as a shared facility.

For example, a swimming pool, garden or barbecue area might be a must-have on your property checklist, but rather than having and maintaining these assets yourself, your residential community or unit complex might provide them as a shared facility.

Quality materials

If you’re truly after the low-maintenance lifestyle, keep an eye out for quality materials within the property.

In this case we’re talking about materials that don’t require major upkeep such as repainting.

That might mean you opt for a more recent build, where you’re less likely to encounter issues with wiring, plumbing or general upkeep.


In addition to seeking property features which make your life easier, you might also want attributes that make it more affordable and sustainable. This might include solar panels, good insulation, and further green credentials.

Looking for a low maintenance home? Take a tour of the properties we currently have available for purchase, or speak to one of our friendly Eview agents to discuss exactly what you’re looking for in your next home.