April 9, 2020

Vendors, our promise to you during COVID-19

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen the world brutally attacked by an invisible illness, with many countries purely fighting to stay alive.  As a nation we’re fighting hard to minimalize risk and #flattenthecurve. We’ve seen new laws and restrictions introduced, causing businesses to close, communities retreat and ‘social distancing’ measures strictly enforced.

COVID-19 swept across the globe so rapidly, instantly and drastically changing the way we with live within weeks. Without warning, a virus of pandemic proportions has left communities in turmoil and people in financial freefall. Local businesses quickly re-working their existing models to create a virtual profile and offer online transactions, merely enabling them to survive in this current climate.

With innovation and revolutionary technology two key elements in the fundamental systems and business strategies within the Eview Group, we thought now would be a great time to showcase the additional systems and utilisation of current resources we have now cemented across our team, to help adjust and evolve to this new modern day world.

Communication and Guidance

Our corporate team have their finger on the pulse, rapidly evolving and developing as new restrictions or current practices are altered. Communication to the agents and support teams remains prompt, efficient and transparent as additional changes to our practice, delivered by our industry governing bodies, along with our Government officials.

From an agency perspective, whilst we may not be working within the office with our ear to the ground, as a nation-wide team we’re now more connected than ever before. With the help of virtual meeting apps, our entire team of agents and support personnel Australia-wide, are logging in daily to discuss strategies, innovative implementation and share personal stories encompassing hurdles or good news.

How does this help our clients?

Well, with connection, brings trust. Our agents are committed and determined to open the doors of communication and help guide vendors and buyers alike, through this unparalleled time. With such a growing network of support and combined knowledge, our agents are fully equipped with dialogue, and an unmeasurable understanding of our current climate, nation-wide.

Our Eview group agents are communicating with vendors every step of the way, from new legislation to property enquiry and feedback.  From a buyer’s perspective, agents are committed to providing a safe environment at private inspections, abiding by the new restrictions around social distancing and hygiene. With limited ‘buyer-to-buyer’ interactions, communication around level of interest and multiple offer scenarios is paramount.

The Team

Selected with precision for their client-centric services, Eview Group agents are constantly pushing the boundaries and further exploring new opportunities to facilitate agent cross-selling, maximising the sale result for their client. With a large portion of our listings sold through an alternate team member, our motto ‘list with one, sell with all’ enables all agents the potential to sell each other’s listings.

Our unique ‘Eview Pager’ allows all agents, Australia-wide to access details on every new property listed with our Eview Group agents. This is a game-changer when it comes to traditional real estate models; facilitating cross-selling with ease and comprehensibility, whilst allowing agents to pool their database power together, utilising existing resources.

How does this help our clients?

In this current climate, the idea of having multiple agents working for you, in combination with transparent teamwork and communication is invaluable. Providing a platform to enable agents access to every Eview Group listing, we’re encouraging agents to work together, maximise the sale price and do the best for their clients.

Innovative Technology

Initially conceived as a state-of-the-art and industry leading agency model, the Eview Group (as the name suggests) was fundamentally structured to support a virtual and remote working lifestyle. With this, comes an intensive and fully comprehensible online training, document library and support platform for all Eview agents to utilise. As we’ve seamlessly adapted to remote working environments over the past few weeks, these systems and online platforms have enabled agents to gain access to any documentation required, over this duration with ease.

From an agent’s perspective, there are many tools to enable buyers the ability to view homes virtually. Within the Eview Group, we often utilise 3D home tours, virtual floorplans and 3D photography, all providing the buyers the opportunity to walk through a property without having to, well, walk through a property! Furthermore, technology now allows buyers the ability to make an offer, amend contracts and even sign off on a purchase, all entirely safely and virtually.

As our world changes, our agents are determined to continue client-centric service, delivered with professionalism and true transparency. Contact us to find out how we can help you transition to your new home.