April 24, 2019

Three Ways Fresh Flowers Can Help You To Sell Your Home

It’s one of the most well used tricks in the book – adding fresh flowers throughout a house prior to viewing or open home to entice buyers. But why exactly are fresh flowers a good idea – and how do they enhance your property to attract viewers and encourage them to make an offer?


Flowers are beautiful – they’re pleasant, classy, aesthetically pleasing. Homes filled with vases of fresh flowers are instantly more attractive to buyers – understandably so. When selling a home it’s important to bear in mind that you are creating an environment that potential buyers can see themselves living in – and flowers help to create an agreeable atmosphere.


Flowers have a certain scent that is very appealing – in the home this spreads and creates an attractive ambience. Organic floral fragrances are much better than artificial ones generated by candles and plug-ins – so opt for pleasant yet not overpowering fragrances such as lilies, roses and hyacinths.


The type of flowers you choose matter – not just from an aesthetic or sensory viewpoint, but also when considering the type of buyer you’re looking to attract. If your home is rustic and rural, try handpicked posies of wildflowers. If it’s a modern and contemporary CBD apartment, invest in an upmarket arrangement from a professional florist for a sophisticated, stylish display and polished impression. It’s about desire and aspiration – certain types of flowers and plants create a specific image for viewers to buy into. Opt for lush, green house plants and florals as opposed to anything dusty, dead or crusty.

Inside out

Flowers are impressive inside the home – but they will also make a difference to your outdoor space. This is the first thing viewers will see when they turn up at your doorstep, so jagged borders, weeds and brown patches on the lawn won’t impress. Flowering shrubs and border plants are a great way to inexpensively brighten up your front and back yards. In a recent survey lavender, roses, tulips, dahlias, lilies and jasmine came out on top when participants were asked what types of plants provided the most curb appeal for house hunters. These can all be purchased cheaply from a garden centre – but adding them prior to viewings could make a huge difference to prospective buyers – and the time your home spends on the market.