June 2, 2021

The value of an agent in the current marketplace

It’s no secret the property market is running hot at the moment with homes and units spending fewer days on market due to high demand.

While properties might be selling well, the right agent can make a real difference when it comes to achieving the price you hope for.

So, let’s examine the value of an agent in the current marketplace…

Local knowledge

An agent’s field of expertise is local market knowledge. That means they can tell you what the house down the street sold for, how many homes went under contract this weekend, and how deep the current buyer pool is for the area where your property is located.

No data set is quite so accurate as an agent, as their local market knowledge is up to the minute. For the seller, that means an agent is the best person to tell you what your home is worth right this moment, and who the likely buyer will be.

The right sale method

There’s more than one way to sell a property and some methods suit some properties better than others.

Armed with their local knowledge, an agent will be able to tell you which sale method will achieve the result you desire.

The right marketing

Property marketing has changed a lot in recent years, courtesy of the internet and social media.

For vendors, that means there are multiple ways to market a property, but the right agent will know exactly how to target the right buyer while providing maximum marketing momentum for the dollars spent.

They will likely use a combination of methods to achieve this aim, drawing on their database, social media, traditional media and more.

Qualified buyers

Right about now there is a large pool of buyers in the market seeking out a property as their home or as an investment.

Every day, agents talk to these potential buyers, finding out just what stage of the purchasing process they are up to.

That means they likely have a database of qualified buyers who are looking for a property just like yours.

Importantly, they have the means to reach out to them immediately to start drumming up interest in your home.


The market’s moving very quickly at the present, and in some areas, that’s seeing multiple offers for properties, and prices that are above buyer expectations.

This is where a good agent comes into their own, negotiating with potential buyers to achieve the right price for a property based on current conditions.

And make no mistake, this negotiation skill can be the very real difference between an average property sale and one that meets or even exceeds your desired outcome.

Ready to work with a skilled agent?

If you’re considering selling, the current market offers an ideal time to transact. Our skilled agents boast all the above attributes and more.

They are actively working with buyers and sellers day-in, day-out, using their insight and expertise to facilitate stress-free property sales.

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