Six questions an agent might ask at an open home

As a buyer, an open home is a great opportunity to view a property in person and see if it could be the place that really suits your needs.

For the agent representing the property, the open home also provides some opportunities. It is the chance to gauge potential interest, but also allows them to meet potential buyers and understand exactly what they’re after.

That’s why most agents tend to ask a series of questions at an ‘open for inspection’ or when they follow-up in the days afterwards.

So, here are six questions an agent might ask, and what they’re hoping to determine.

What brings you to the open today?

In addition to being a polite conversation starter, this question is designed to gauge where you’re up to in the buying or even selling journey.

After all, people attend open homes for all sorts of reasons, such as:

  • They’re looking to buy in the immediate term
  • They’re considering purchasing in the not too distant future
  • They’re considering selling
  • They’re looking for an agent
  • They just have an interest in property
  • They’ve always wanted to see inside a specific home

And, believe it or not, this question isn’t just to determine whether you’re interested in buying the property or not (although that is a large part of its aim). 

This question is about understanding how the agent might be of assistance to you now or in the future.

What are your thoughts about the property?

An open home is a great opportunity for an agent to seek feedback regarding the property.

This feedback is then provided to the seller to help them understand whether the property is presented, priced and marketed correctly.

Where did you hear about the property?

When you’re selling something as valuable as a property, it’s important to know what’s working in terms of marketing, and this is what this question helps determine.

It allows the agent to understand whether social media, print publications, a website, brochure or a property portal caught the attention of the open home attendee, and that allows them to improve their marketing for this property and those they represent in the future.

What are you looking to buy?

This question is all about the buyer, and helping you find the right property to suit your needs.

Even if the property that’s open for inspection isn’t what you have in mind, the agent or their colleagues might have one currently on their books or about to come to market that might suit your needs.

What is your budget?

As uncomfortable as it might feel to talk about money, this question is important. It helps the agent determine what properties they might have that could be suitable.

It also helps with negotiating if you’re serious about a specific property but don’t quite have the finances required.

Do you have your finances lined up?

No, the agent’s not just being nosy. This question gets to the heart of how quickly you can move as a buyer, and also gives a good indication of where you’re up to in the purchasing journey.

In some cases, the buyer might need to sell a property prior to purchasing, in others they haven’t yet spoken with their lending institution, some people are fully finance approved and others might be ready to purchase in cash.

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