Property checklist for when it comes time to sell

If you’re thinking about selling a property in the months ahead, it pays to be prepared and have everything in tip-top condition before your home goes to market.

But what exactly is involved with readying a home for sale? Here’s a quick property checklist to help you ensure your unit or house is ready when it comes time to sell.

An overview

Preparing a property for sale is all about ensuring everything is neat, tidy and in the best possible condition.

The home should be clean, free of clutter and all repairs should be complete.

On the outside, the property should be warm and welcoming, offering that quintessential street appeal that makes prospective buyers want to come on in and take a look inside.

On the inside, the property should be neat, tidy, welcoming and allow a buyer to envisage themselves within the space.

So, let’s walk through some of the areas that you should pay attention to in the period prior to selling a property.

Walls and paint

Cast your eye around the interior of your property and consider whether the paint looks tired and outdated or if there are nicks and scratches on the walls.

If so, consider refreshing the interior paint of the property with a light neutral tone that makes it feel inviting and spacious.

Window furnishings

Window furnishings can quickly date a property. They are also one of the easiest and most affordable ways to refresh an interior that looks tired or slightly worse for wear.

If your blinds and curtains are old or no longer in vogue, consider having them replaced prior to putting the property on the market.

The right window furnishings can quickly add new life to a home, making it feel modern, spacious and inviting.

Any general repairs?

They might seem like little things to you, but even small issues can raise major red flags with a prospective buyer.

That makes tending to any minor repairs imperative. Have a good look around the property for any unfinished projects or things that could use a general tidy up and complete them well in advance of putting your property on the market.  

Roofs, gutters and awnings

While you’re ‘auditing’ your property, don’t forget to look up at the roof, the gutters and any awnings or shade sails.

Do they look clean and complete? Are they in good repair, or could they use a bit of a refresh?

The condition of the roof, gutters and awnings all add up to create the first impression people have when they initially see a property.

Gardens and lawns

A tidy garden and well-manicured lawns all create the feel that a property that is well-looked after and loved.

In the months prior to selling your property, turn your attention to the garden, ensuring the lawn is top notch, and the garden is trimmed, mulched and tidy.

Street appeal

The work you do on the exterior of the property is all about creating street appeal, so people enjoy a good first impression and feel the need to investigate the home further.

Street appeal is critical to a successful sale, so take the time to ensure your property looks amazing from the exterior.

The entrance

While you’re considering street appeal, turn your attention to the home’s entryway, including the front door. This area also adds to a great first impression, especially if people choose to inspect the property.

The entryway should be clean, tidy and in good repair, which might involve painting the front door, cleaning any pathways, or making any small repairs to that area that are necessary.

Approvals and floorplans

Finally, preparing your home for sale isn’t just about making sure the property looks its best. It’s also about ensuring a prospective buyer has all the information they need to make a decision about purchasing.

Before you contact your agent, go through your paperwork collate documents like floorplans and any relevant approvals for renovations or improvements you have made.

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