August 8, 2018

Moving costs you may not have considered

When you make the decision to relocate, the implicated costs will likely be at the forefront of your mind. Many factors influence the cost of the move – from the number of possessions you have to the type of property you’re moving to and its location. In today’s blog we share several types of moving costs you may not have considered but will need to be aware of as you begin to budget for your upcoming relocation.

How easy is it to access your property?
Ease of access greatly influences the costs involved in moving. If you’re moving into a single-storey property with a wide driveway you’re going to pay a lot less than someone on the 13th floor of a high-rise with limited lift access. This is because of the difficulty and time involved in moving into properties with poor access. Specialist equipment may also be required.

How far is the distance between your old property and your new home?
Australia is vast – so whether you’re moving between cities or interstate the distance travelled could be significant. This is down to the transportation costs, which may involve a range of different methods. Long-distance moves may incur additional costs across the board – such as during the packing process – because items may need special packaging in order to be transported via rail or air.

Will you be packing yourself?
Generally taking care of packing yourself is widely discouraged, as this in itself is an important task that ensures the safety and security of precious and breakable belongings. Removals companies don’t want to be liable for damage, so it makes sense that they provide a holistic, start-to-finish solution to ensure that each item is safely packed and ready to go. If you only have a few possessions and are confident in packing (or don’t feel particularly attached to your belongings), it may save you a lot of money to do it yourself. Bear in mind that if you choose to do this independently you may no longer be fully covered by the removal company’s insurance policy.

Are you insured?
When choosing removals companies it’s important to ensure that they are fully insured in the event of any damage or delays that could affect your move. Most reputable firms will have fully comprehensive cover to protect your belongings. This may not extend to special circumstances, however – like a non-fault road accident or natural disasters. Your current home policy should insure you for the move and will fill in these gaps – but it’s worth checking with them before you cancel or transfer it. Some may only offer this as ‘specialist cover’ or an extra on a premium policy – which can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000.