April 24, 2019

Lights, Camera, Action | Why Photography Matters

Whether you choose to enlist the help of a professional or head to each property yourself armed with a high-tech camera, making the most of your property photography is a key aspect of the selling process. Visuals play a huge role in the decisions buyers make – and as most check out multiple properties online before they view them in person photography matters now more than ever before. Maximise your property photography and nail it each and every time with these four key tips.

Wide-angle is good – but don’t overdo it

Most buyers are wise to the fact that lots of real estate agencies employ a variety of techniques to make homes appear bigger than they actually are – but the wide-angle lens has developed an unfair reputation thanks to widespread misuse. Use a wide-angle lens where necessary – but let the room speak for itself. Beware of spaces that look overstretched and warped under a wide-angle – instead focus on achieving a natural yet attractive look for each room.

Keep it bright and light

Dark pictures don’t sell homes. Make sure you’re making the most of bright, airy spaces by letting that feeling and ambience come through to potential viewers via any photography you use to promote a property. If you need to adjust your camera settings or subtly edit your images that’s fine – as long as the finished result realistically reflects what you see.

Focus on the good

It goes without saying – make a point of photographing the best bits of a property and hone in on any particularly attractive features. Don’t be afraid to focus on certain areas, zoom in on details and make a point of highlighting elements you feel will be appealing to potential buyers.

Equipment matters

If you’re going it alone, it’s best to invest in decent camera equipment. Try a compact DSLR and portable tripod – a camera that can hold different lens types so that you can be flexible depending on which type of property you’re photographing. Despite this there’s still a place for your iPhone. Social media is a powerful way to promote properties – so don’t be afraid to do a quick walk-through on Instagram or Snapchat or share real-time snaps from viewings and open houses on your social platforms to keep up competition and interest.