November 3, 2018

Is it possible to market and sell a property using just your iPhone?

A recent article on sparked a very modern debate regarding the way in which we use technology to help us to run successful real estate businesses. The piece focused on the growing popularity and use of tech-enabled selling – which has been cited by one top agent as the secret to his success. Here we explore the pros and cons of marketing and selling via iPhone and ask: is it really possible for everyone?

Social media has a significant (and ever-increasing) role to play

As we covered in our recent blog, social media channels are becoming increasingly powerful promotional tools for real estate agents. As people spend more time on these networks they become key methods of exposure for a range of brands and businesses. After a phenomenal response on Facebook one of our Frankston properties was sold in a matter of weeks – and the story featured on is no different. This time, Snapchat was the platform of choice – and after a brief walk-through the property was snapped up by an eager prospective buyer who came and placed a deposit on it the very same day. These two examples are testament to the immense power of social media – match the appropriate platform with the correct property and you’re right in front of your audience – with remarkable results.

Apps and online marketing avenues make the process of selling properties simpler and swifter

Just over ten years ago, we’d focus on paper marketing and print promotions to sell properties. Now, the majority of buyers look online on sites such as and to survey the market before organising viewings. So much has changed – and it’s crucial that real estate agents keep up with this ever-shifting landscape. The good news is that smartphones, tablets and apps provide enhanced capabilities, making it easier than ever before to incorporate technology and streamline processes on the go. The role of a real estate agent is a notoriously versatile one – and as we’re often on the go having comprehensive information and correspondence in the palm of our hands at all times is incredibly useful. At present it’s probably possible to gather all necessary tools required to market and sell a property and see the sale through from the initial stages and promotional activity to completion on a smartphone or tablet device, but the diverse nature of our vocation and the customers we deal with still dictates a more varied approach.

A blended approach incorporating other avenues works best

Although the advantages of technology are clear and it is important to move with the times, when it comes to real estate traditional methods do still have a role to play. It all comes down to different types of buyer and the varied preferences amongst demographics. Different people like to be communicated with in different ways – therefore a real estate agent’s job is to be targeted and savvy when marketing a property. In this case social media, Snapchat in particular, seemed to be the most effective way to market the property. But in other cases buyers may be more comfortable at an open viewing, or coming in branch to survey what’s currently on the market. Your approach should always be shaped by the customer – and that knowledge and insight is something that comes along with industry experience.

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