July 3, 2018

How satisfying the five senses could help you to sell your home

Emotion is everything when it comes to buying and selling properties. Although buyers strive to make a logical, sensible decision based on their needs and requirements, ultimately their feelings surrounding a property will overrule any practical requirements they may have. Prime location, perfect size, the right number of bedrooms – if it doesn’t feel right, they’re unlikely to choose to go through with a sale. Your aim is to create just the right atmosphere by presenting your home at its best. With a few simple techniques, you can maximise your property’s potential and set the scene to make your property feel ‘just right’.


The most obvious sense to satisfy is sight – and visual appeal undoubtedly matters especially during viewings. Ensure that you turn your attention both inside and out, fixing up even minor tears and holes in need of repair, and applying fresh paint where needed. Neaten up borders and lawn areas, weed driveways and paths and ensure your front door is clean and presentable. Inside, flowers in the living areas and a fresh fruit bowl placed in the kitchen offer a welcoming, homely feel.


Even if viewers aren’t confident enough to go around your house touching things, they’re likely to look closely at fixtures such as kitchen worktops, bathrooms and utility units. Thoroughly clean surfaces, walls and bench tops and replace or repair any chipped or broken facades. Introducing a range of textures including soft throws and plump cushions on sofas and chairs can also help them to imagine the cosy feel even if they don’t sit down.


It may sound excessive, preparing soft or classical background music prior to viewings can result in a ‘display home’ feel that is both attractive to buyers and gives a polished, professional impression. You’re a serious seller – that speaks volumes to serious buyers, who don’t want the hassle of slow sales that fall through or experience delays thanks to indecision or changing circumstances.


The smells present within your home are hugely important. Avoid heavy perfumes from plug-ins and reed diffusers – instead opt for lighter, pleasant scents. Brewed coffee and tea or the aroma of homemade bread or cakes are also appealing – coffee and cookies have consistently topped polls when buyers have been surveyed about their favourite home scents.


Food is an integral part of daily life, so buyers will need to see themselves eating, drinking and living in your home. Strategically placing appealing food items around your property can assist with this – a freshly baked cake or muffins to take are always a hit at buyer inspections. The smell also has a positive impact on potential buyers as explained above – so you can even grab a box mix for a quick and tasty solution that could pay dividends during viewings.

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