Five skills an expert agent brings to the table

Just as a lawyer is the person you would call on for legal advice and a plumber is the expert you would call in to fix your plumbing, an experienced real estate agent is the professional you need in your corner when it comes to negotiating a property sale.

But what exactly do expert agents bring to the table? Well, a host of experience and insight that is designed to ensure your property sells as quickly and effortlessly as possible for the price that you desire.

With that in mind, here are five expert skills an agent brings to the table…

Market knowledge

The property market is built on the solid foundation of market knowledge, and an expert agent will have this in spades.

From recent sales in your area, to market demand and a database of qualified buyers, an agent knows their local patch like the back of their hand.

This gives them the unique ability to price your property correctly, treading the fine line between maximising its value and meeting market demand.

Sales techniques

Selling a property is all about matching a home with the right buyer for the right price, but there’s also a whole lot that goes on behind the scenes.

This includes showcasing your property to the right group of potential buyers, liaising with interested parties, following up, seeking feedback and navigating an outcome that’s suitable to all.

Not only will all these skills come naturally to an expert agent, they will also be able to suggest the best method to sell your property – whether that’s private treaty sale, auction, or expressions of interest.

Negotiation skills

An often-underrated skill that an expert agent brings to the table is negotiation ability, and this encompasses the knack for knowing when to listen and knowing when to speak.

Ultimately, negotiating is all about people skills and matching needs with solutions. Solid negotiating skills ensure a property sale gets over the line, allowing you as the seller to rest assured your greatest asset is in good hands.


Every property has a story to tell, and an expert agent is the person who knows how that story should be told and which audience is primed to hear and respond to it.

This marketing nous isn’t just about embracing media channels, but rather about picking the right channel for your property and designing a marketing campaign that suits.


The best agents are trusted advisors, meaning they are willing to step up and be forthcoming with hard truths when required.

They are there to offer their expert advice in your interests, whether that relates to improvements you need to make prior to sale, offers you are likely to receive or an accurate appraisal that may not necessarily be as high as you had hoped.

Offering this genuine yet gentle honesty is a skill and one that you should expect from any expert agent you select to handle the sale of one of your most valuable financial assets.

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