Design trends set to dominate buyer demand post COVID-19

It’s without a doubt, the recent global pandemic has changed the way we ‘do life’. From our work routines, our daily habits, to the way we live and interact with others, our pre-COVID way of living is now a mere memory. Words and phrases which we once were unfamiliar to, have become part of our daily language. The #stayathome guideline was introduced early, as our nation moved towards teared lockdowns to help #stopthespread, leaving us cocooned in our humble abodes.

Our homes, known as our sanctuary from a ‘bad day at the office’, the tiresome classroom or the difficult job site, instantly demanded transformation as we navigated towards a life led from the confinement of our four walls.

We needed our homes to provide more than just a sanctuary, we needed (and still need, in some states) a versatile home that could offer flexibility in our lifestyle. A home that could double as a workspace, a classroom, a gym, even a restaurant, all whilst enabling us the space to wind-down and relax, after a long day’s work.

So, as we begin to contemplate what our lifestyles might look like after COVID-19, let’s consider the design trends buyers will be looking out for when they’re considering a purchase.

1: Flexible and adaptable living zones

This unfamiliar and recent adjustment to our ‘COVID normal’, has introduced us to a new world of living. A world where no longer, could one space be designated exclusively for one activity. Rather, our spaces need to embody a transient and fluid flexibility, in order to keep up with our evolving lifestyle demands.

As we look further into the future, and consider the idea that many individuals may stay within a ‘remote working’ capacity for some time (if not indefinitely), our homes need to be reconfigured to accommodate couples or families comfortably remaining at home for longer periods.

Our living and dining areas need to transform into an adaptive classroom and workspace, catering for an over-spill from the designated study area. Our kitchens need to have the space to harbour not only an environment conducive to cooking, but entertaining, learning, working and socialising. Our garages not only need to provide car accommodation, but double as a space to escape for exercise or work, separate from the home.

When buyers look to invest in properties, many will be searching for functional and versatile homes, easily enabling families the flexibility to stay at home for longer periods, utilising space to carry out their desired activity.

2: Outdoor areas

Whilst communities across our nation were directed to #stayathome to help #flatternthecurve, many of us searched for new ways to creatively utilise the space our homes offered. For those lucky enough to own a backyard or outdoor space, spending time outside provided fresh air and an alternative to our confinement indoors.

For years now, increasingly busy lifestyles in conjunction with a shift in priorities, has suppressed the desire for large yards, as families and individuals are left unenthusiastic to spend entire days or weekends managing the up-keep associated with large outdoor spaces.

Yet, with many public outdoor areas closed or closely monitored by guards, many people have found solace in exercising and spending time outside in their own yards, ultimately fuelling the desire to attain more space, external the home. Keyword searches, pinpointing the desire for more external space drastically increased, with identifying ‘outdoor space’ and ‘backyards’ as a priority for buyers looking to secure a home.

3: Energy efficient, not just sustainable

With #stayathome orders still very much in place across some states, many households across the nation will be experiencing inflated energy bills, as full days are spent at home, battling winter temperatures. Increased heating, lighting and general household energy consumption is a given, as we spend so much time confined to the inside of our four walls.

And whilst many buyers in the past have sought out homes with a sustainable identity, it’s possible present-day (and of course, future) buyers will also navigate towards homes aligned with high energy efficiency, to help reduce costs associated with running a household that’s utilised all day.

How we can help

One thing to notably come from this sudden and drastic shift away from our ‘normal’ way of life, is without a doubt, our newfound love of a flexible and home-based lifestyle. With many big businesses now positively enjoying the sustained or increased productivity, whilst employees remain at home, many will no doubt look to employ this ‘remote working’ arrangement on a more permanent basis. Ultimately aiding in the opportunity to downsize the working environment, and helping to reduce business expenses, working and remaining at home for longer periods maybe part of our new, post-COVID life, indefinitely.

If you’re considering selling, endeavouring to align yourself with a more versatile home, our Eview Group agents are experts in their fields. Ready to help navigate and guide you through the selling process as we continue to adjust to COVID conditions, our friendly Eview Group agents are here to help debunk any concerns or queries you may have.


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