April 24, 2019

5 Super Savvy Ways To Prepare For Viewings

Viewings can be amongst the most disruptive aspects of selling a property – but they’re necessary and important. When inviting strangers into your home who are also potential buyers, it’s important to be fully prepared and combat any stress or potential interference that could affect their perspective. Planning ahead as soon as you put your home on the market can significantly decrease any stress involved – so for today’s blog we’ve gathered several simple tips to make sure you’re always ready for even the most impromptu buyer inspection.

Set out an easy cleaning routine…

First things first – for a property to be ready for viewing, it must be clean. No buyer wants to see grime, mould or muck in their new prospective home. Have you ever been tempted to buy an item of clothing or piece of furniture covered in dirt and dust? People viewing your property will be equally disillusioned if they find your home is lacking in cleanliness. You don’t need to do a full on deep clean prior to each viewing – but having a swift and simple cleaning schedule in the form of a ten-point tick sheet could help. This allows you to spruce up your property and ensure no stone is left unturned without taking too much time out of your day. Tasks should include wiping surfaces, taking out trash, cleaning floors or vacuuming and doing any dirty dishes.

…And an equally simple tidy and spruce-up plan

Buyers want to see properties that are clean and tidy – so with that in mind it’s important to have options on-hand that allow you to de-clutter prior to a viewing. Life goes on even when your home is on the market – so it’s difficult to be show-home ready at all times, especially if you have kids. Have roll-out storage boxes and containers handy to throw bits and bobs into in case of last-minute viewings. Keep pleasant touches such as reed diffusers, candles and false flowers in pretty vases in an easy to reach place so that you can pop them out quickly before potential buyers arrive. Clear and store any valuable items just in case.

Clear your schedule

Although real estate agents are good at predicting a lot of things, one thing they can never say for sure is exactly how long your property will be on the market for, and how many buyer inspections it will take to make the sale. For this reason it’s advisable not to book holidays or significant events during the months following your property’s placement on the market. If you have social engagements or family events on the cards inform your real estate agent as soon as possible so that they can avoid these dates when planning open houses and inspections.

Organise easy child and pet care

Buyer inspections can be a little awkward if there are lots of people around during the viewing – generally people like to feel that they can take a look around without being watched or bumping into someone in each room. Pets can also be off-putting, as not everyone likes animals – and others may be allergic. If you have children or pets it’s advisable to take them elsewhere during viewings. It may also be useful for you to hand over to your real estate agent once they arrive unless you want to talk to the buyers about the property or don’t feel comfortable not being around. Identify helpful family members and friends who might be able to help you out at short notice with children and pets so that you know they will always have somewhere safe to go, and you’ll never have to turn down an inspection at the last minute.