It’s almost spring! Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering a springtime sell.

Springtime, arguably the most beautiful season of the year. It’s our first sneak peak of consistent sunshine, blooms bursting in backyards, and as a population we awaken after the winter’s hibernation. For years now, spring has been perceived as the busiest time in the real estate market. And, as we begin our decent into spring 2020, many are hopeful for a more positively influenced final half of the year.

With around 80 days left until the 1st of September, we’re now less than one ‘normal selling transactional cycle’ away from spring. In a normal, unaffected real estate market, the time to list and sell a home is, on average, 90days. And, although the market continues to move forward regardless of weather, many wait to sell during the traditional ‘springtime boom’.

This means, many considering selling their home during the spring season, will now be gearing up to overhaul their homes, in hope to attract that ‘perfect’ buyer come September.

However, with the consideration of the recent months and the possible changes incurred by COVID-19, will springtime possibly be too late, to maximise your sale price?

With the Australian Government introducing an easing of restrictions, providing us with a hint of ‘normality’, whispers within the industry are suggesting an early boom, as sellers look to capitalise on the lack of competition and increasing buyer activity.

So, if these last few months stuck at home, have left you pondering the idea of selling, or, you’ve been working towards the end goal of selling in spring, let’s look at inexpensive and easy ways to freshen up your home, in case you too, decide to sell early!

Revamping on a budget

Revamping any space is often a cost-absorbing activity, with the replacement of one element often highlighting many accompanying changes needed, to give the biggest ’wow’ factor, come inspection time. It’s here, that strategy really comes into play. Whilst keeping a neutral palette across multiple spaces helps, it can often be the small touches such as fixtures, mirrors, taps, shower heads and even cupboard hardware, that can aid in freshening and modernising rooms.

Something like replacing cupboard door handles can be a cost-effective and quick way to really make a huge difference in terms of visual appeal.

A welcoming entrance

There’s nothing like stepping into a home and having a clean, fresh, and welcoming scent guide you inside. As the first internal focal point, you want to make sure your front entrance sets the scene for the remaining house. If a buyer walks in and is greeted by an unpleasant smell and an obnoxious and untidy entrance, it will instantly alter their experience of the entire home. A crisp scent, a light-reflecting mirror and an uncluttered space will welcome buyers and create a positive energy upon entering your home. Always remember to keep your scent consistent throughout your home and stick to something ‘uplifting and energising’. Remove the urge to use a scent that resembles food, as these scents can often come across cheap and too sweet.

And, if time is on your side, try going a step further and painting your front door!

Leave no trace

If you’re lucky enough to live among the gums, or within walking distance to the beach, you’ll understand just how hard it is to keep on top of your home’s maintenance. From unwanted leaves, grit and gumnuts littering your gutters, to endless sea salt on your windows, it really does take a huge amount of time and effort, to keep up with the side-effects from nature’s beauty. When it comes to selling your home, it’s the serene, enviable, and effortless lifestyle you want to communicate and project to buyers. By removing all visual opportunities for buyers to be reminded of the hard work, you’ll continue to project a positive, fresh, and energetic lifestyle – one buyers will want to (hopefully) cash-in on.

How we can help

If you’re really set on selling, and ready to take the plunge and list your home, or, if you have further questions regarding possible updates, revamps or a refresh, then our Eview agents are right here, and ready to help. Our Eview agents are equipped with the latest hyper-local market information and knowledge and would love the opportunity to help make your next property transition a smooth and effortless one. To locate your closest Eview group agent, head to