About Helen Austin Property

At Helen Austin Property, we are all about changing lives by connecting people through residential property transactions. Openness, honesty, creativity and determination are the key qualities of our work. We aim to offer exceptional pre- and post-sale customer care based on outstanding communication, exemplary market analysis and serving from the heart.

We take pride in offering a level of individuality that goes well beyond boutique. We are unrestrained by expectations other than our own and those of our clients. Working outside franchise and agency constraints, we can spend time building relationships, developing a deep understanding of our clients’ dreams, needs and wishlists, and designing campaigns that are truly customised.

Decades of life and property experience in the Toowoomba region mean our team has extensive first-hand knowledge of the area and a detailed understanding of how to foreground the selling points of each and every suburb. An unparalleled network of local and regional contacts means that your property will be exposed to the maximum number of qualified and motivated buyers. We consistently deliver customised campaigns crafted to highlight the unique selling points of each property and we derive our success from utilising innovative marketing strategies and keeping a constant finger on the real estate pulse, locally and nationally.

Our aim is, always, to achieve life changing results.

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